Core Values

Biblical and Cultural Relevance

The Bible is the record of God's movement in history to relentlessly pursue and reconcile broken people to Himself, one another, and Creation. We are devoted to the truth and relevance of God's Word. Our teaching, mission, vision and values are rooted in this story, and we believe it is a story worth sharing. Therefore, we seek to be a community that highly values our culture and context, demonstrating and proclaiming God's love and grace in ways that resonate with those whom we are reaching.

Spiritual Vitality

Jesus said that he came that we "might have life, and have it abundantly (John 10.10)." We believe that this "abundant life" is the normal Christian life-one characterized by free and joyful service to our King Jesus, the Church and the World. Therefore, we seek to live life as a community of freedom and joy, understanding Christian faith and worship to be an empowering, dynamic way of living rather than a life of bondage and legalism.


The God of the Bible has always loved and relentlessly pursued his fallen creation. Mission is rooted in the nature and character of God. As Restoration church, our missional value influences everything we do. Mission is not merely an activity of the Church, it is essential to her identity. To be a sent people means that the earthly work God began through Jesus is to be continued by God's Church.

Authentic Community

We believe that human beings were created to live in relation to one another. Restoration seeks to be a community united in their love for Jesus, each other and the greater community of Port Orange. Our prayer is that God would form within us a common lifestyle of grace, truth and love. We desire to be a community where people share life in honesty and transparency.


The human impulse of creativity is a reflection of our Creator God. We believe that creative and artistic expression should thrive within the Church. We intend to be a church that affirms and encourages the God-given desire human beings have to imitate their Creator-God. We want creativity to influence the way we teach, worship with music, and use existing art forms to care for our community.