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In the introduction, I made the following claim:

I [Kendell Easley] have written from a broadly evangelical perspective. My treatment is sensitive to areas where there are major differences of opinion, such as dispensational eschatology, Calvinism, Pentecostal issues, and the sacraments or ordinances. On the other hand, I affirm as a foundation the classic confessions of the churches (the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed) and the five pillars of the Reformation (salvation as taught in Scripture alone, by Christ alone, by grace alone, through faith alone, to the glory of God alone). If you relate positively to these beliefs and want to gain a better understanding of essential Christian terms, this book is for you.

It is up to you to judge how well this has been accomplished. Yet one final word is in order concerning the five pillars of the Reformation. This should be summarized, for they have everything to do with the way one thinks about eternal matters.

  • Scripture Alone (Sola Scriptura): The Bible alone teaches everything necessary for a person’s salvation.
  • Christ Alone (Solus Christus): Salvation is accomplished by the work of the historical Jesus alone, for His sinless life and substitutionary death are entirely sufficient for salvation.
  • Grace Alone (Sola Gratia): In salvation we are rescued from God’s wrath by His undeserved favor through the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit.
  • Faith Alone (Sola Fidei): Faith alone is the instrument through which Christ’s righteousness is counted to us as satisfying God’s perfect justice, and such saving faith is not a good work.
  • Glory to God Alone (Soli Deo Gloria): Because salvation is from God and has been accomplished by God, it is for His glory and we are to praise Him always.

Christians are to live all of life before Him under His authority and for His glory. I have based my entire hope for God and good and eternity on these. How about you?


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Dave Maniquis is a Teaching Elder at Restoration Church. He holds a BA in History from Rutgers University and an MA in Biblical Studies from Reformed Theological Seminary. He enjoyed a 23-year career in the U.S. Government, working and traveling extensively in Western and Eastern Europe. He has been a Christian for most of his adult life and has been involved in church planting, overseas as well as here in Port Orange, teaching the Bible and speaking into others’ lives with the Gospel. He is married to Maureen and they have two wonderful sons, Dylan and Evan.


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