The Race

April 5, 2016 | by: Maureen Maniquis | 0 Comments

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I’ve heard of the expression “writer’s block,” but since I never thought of myself as a writer I never really gave it much thought. But over these past few years writing has become a big part of my life. I’ve always been an observer of life, both the inner and the outer forms. I usually expressed my observations in verbal form among the many conversations that flowed through my life. But these last few years a new voice has found its way up and out from the depths that I could never articulate verbally. Writing allows me the time to ponder, to gather my thoughts carefully to find the best ones to express my heart. It is a form of expression that I have come to love with a passion. When I write I can plumb the depths of the things that are precious to me.

The heart of God and his love for this world is often my biggest focus. My desire is to remind others that in a world that often feels unloving, they matter to him. They are not invisible or anonymous on this planet, in this universe. I often have much to say about this good God who created life in all its fullness.

So, when I find myself here in this place of no words, a “writer’s block” so to speak, it feels a bit like a racehorse at a locked gate. I’m looking over the gate at the track ahead and my adrenaline starts pumping faster. The anticipation of the flowing words racing out from my heart has me anxious, jumpy. The gate should open but it seems fused shut. The more I think about this predicament the more anxious I become. I don’t think I have my blinders on. My eyes are darting everywhere and I can’t focus. I begin to think that which I was bred for has seen its day. Maybe it’s time to be put out to pasture.

It’s really amazing how quickly we can jump to a negative conclusion. It’s so easy to forget that everything has its purpose under heaven. Even good things that we are passionate about can have their halted seasons. A halting doesn’t always mean a conclusion. It may simply be a hiatus. Perhaps it’s a time to be quiet and listen rather than speak. Maybe it’s a time for me to just lean in to the heart of this good God I write about and hear only what he says to me, to listen to his words of love for me. Perhaps he thinks I need a refresher course on his goodness before the gate can be reopened. The racetrack can be swift and fierce and he doesn’t want me to get injured from a lack of preparation.

So I’m slipping the blinders into position and focusing my heart on the truths and promises from his heart for me. I want to be refreshed. I want to be prepared. I want to run the race and finish well.

“Let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes.” Ephesians 4:23 NLT

“Send out your light and your truth; let them guide me. Let them lead me to your holy mountain, to the place where you live.” Psalm 43:3 NLT



Maureen Maniquis moved to Florida 10 years ago from Bern, Switzerland where she and her husband were living for 6 years while working at the American Embassy. While there, they helped plant an English speaking church in the heart of the city that still thrives today to meet the needs of expats who desire to be a part of a community of fellow believers. Maureen has been a part of the Restoration Church Core Team since its plant in 2010 and currently serves on the Hospitality Team and Prayer Team and will be a regular contributor to our blogs. She has published a book of her memoirs and is a passionate writer on Gospel living and pointing people to the heart of Jesus.


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