But God Meant it For Good Part 1

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Message: But God Meant it For Good Part 1 - February 28, 2016
Series: Philippians: Finding Joy in the Circumstances of Life
Speaker: Anthony Orzo
Sermon Questions Prepared by: Anthony Orzo

Main Passage: Philippians 1:18b-19, John 16:23-33

Cross Referenced Passages: Romans 8:31-35

Launching Discussion: How have you traditionally understood having “peace” when it comes to your life?

  • Does the analogy of the ocean bring any new insight to the way you’ve understood “peace”?
  • Would you be willing to share with your groups some ways in the past your life’s “peace has been threatened”?

Sermon Questions:

1. When your peace has been threatened what do you usually do to try and see it restored?

  • Have you developed some coping mechanisms that could be contrary to the way Jesus says your peace should ultimately be restored?

2. How do the “everyday” trials of life provide us great opportunities to be discipled and to disciple others whether it be through friendship, raising our children, spouses, etc? 

3. Have you ever thought about how the Joy we see in the Apostle’s Paul’s life is directly connected to a promise that Jesus made to His Disciples, Paul, and you?

  • How does knowing that other Christians both in the Scripture and outside of it who have relied on Jesus’ promise--help you to deal with your trials in life?


Look at Gary Burge’s quote about a seagull gliding over the tumultuous seas of life and compare it to the way many Christians often “check-out” when the trials of life come.

“It is essential that we keep in mind that peace and trouble in life do not negate one another. The peace of Jesus is a condition of the heart that takes the uncertainties and struggles of this world seriously, but like a seagull riding the surface of a turbulent sea, is able to climb swells and drop into valley’s without being ruined by worry." --Gary Burge

4. Why do you think it is common for people to “pull-out of life” when trials come as opposed to recognizing and pressing into the promise of Jesus that we can persevere and overcome them?


In the talk, Pastor Anthony talked about how Jesus’ four declarations (see below) gave Jesus the authority to overcome the world and it’s troubles. Consequently, those who are in Jesus now have the same power and presence working in their own lives.

1) I have come from the Father (Jesus is God and functions with the full authority of God)

2) I entered the world (Jesus became man to identify with us)

3) I entered the world so I could leave it (Jesus Died for our sin and suffering and when His work was complete left the word)

4) Now I am going back to the father (Currently, Jesus sits at the right hand of God interceding on our behalf in all matters)

5. How does knowing that Jesus is constantly offering you his presence and power change the way you see the trials of the world?

  • How would you share this grace with another person who is suffering and is without this hope?
  • How would you share it with your own heart in your time of need?



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