Walking Worthy of Jesus

April 18, 2016 | by: Anthony Orzo | 0 Comments

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Primary Passage: Philippians 1:27-30

Cross Referenced Passages: Ephesians 4; John 17:20-21

Launching Discussion: Read Philippians chapter 1 (Phil. 1:1-30) and see if you can sense the literary shift that takes place in verses 27-30. Why do you think Paul makes such a strong connection between Jesus’ Enduring Joy in suffering and standing firm to advance the Gospel?

Sermon Questions:

In Christianity, there is a unique merging of an individual love for God into a corporate love for God in the church family.

1. In our culture today, which do you think is more emphasized? Please share some examples.


2. What are some of the potential consequences associated with having an imbalance between these two types of love? In other words, what does walking with Jesus look like when a person devalues one side of the love spectrum at the expense of the other? 

3. What do you think the average person in our culture thinks “going to church means”?


4. Have you been more inclined to believe a person “goes to church”, or actually is the church?

  • What are the implications of seeing the church family like this when it comes to striving for and contributing to the unity of God’s people?


5. What do you think, “God calls us to dwell in the very High Calling of Jesus by living in lowliness with each other”—looks like in the way we live our everyday lives?

  • How does hearing your life is supposed to be marked by humility and gentleness make you feel?


6. What are some specific ways you can pray for each other and encourage each other to share the unity of Jesus with those in your life who are far from God this week?

  • Try to work through this as best you can as a group and if you feel comfortable doing so—add a way to hold each other accountable to this important task.



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